Just got back from Redmond, Washington, where we saw Steve Martin at an outdoor concert at the exquisite Chateau Ste. Michelle. Steve Martin was fantastically funny as always, leaving me wondering: How much comedy does he still write? He’s such a pro and a screaming banjo machine. My favorite songs were about a kid who thinks he’s late for school and makes his grandmother face plant a pie. Oh, and the ultimate tribute to faulty relationships: “Go away, stop, turnaround, come back. Go away, stop, come back.” Why does that sound familiar?

Anyway, it’s Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers (also crazy amazing talent). SO wish I could have talked to Steve Martin about comedy, but I know I would say the same idiot thing I said when I met Chris Isaak: “You…are…so…hot.” Nah, I’d say, “Dude, let me get this straight. You’re a comic, an actor, a banjo-playing maniac and an author? But you’re also a man. You realize you’re busting the curve. Other men can’t compete. How can we convert them?”


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  1. Dazzling Diva Dana says:

    Oh my, I would LOVE to have been there! He is one of THE most talented men in the world! Highly skilled.

    ~ Dazzling Diva Dana

  2. aplscruf says:

    Steve’s going for Tracy Morgan’s EGOT! Emmy/Grammy/Oscar/Tony

    I loved the show. I never saw his stand-up act, so it was a treat to sit back and listen to some great banjo picking and laugh in between songs. Finishing the show with King Tut, bluegrass style, was the merengue on Grandma’s pie.

  3. jackikane says:

    Tut?! Oh man, we might have had to leave before he did that one. Might have to go watch The Jerk again.

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