Crimony, why didn’t I think of that?

That could have been me - in the back of my minivan!

I used to have a Toyota Sienna minivan, but I was unaware of its magical powers until now. Have you seen the new Toyota spots with the super-cute mom locking herself INSIDE the minivan wearing a robe and watching dual screens of shirtless men volleyball players? WHAT was I thinking? The seats recline, the glass is tinted and movies? I too could have had a day spa in the second row. But I sold my Sienna, not because I didn’t like driving something with remote control doors the size of a garage. Because the thing had the turning radius of the Titanic. (Older model. They fixed that on the new one and added “magic seats.”) Anyway, I love those ads. Good for Toyota to have some fun for a change and for God’s sake, stop showing us loading groceries in the back of the minivan. That’s as compelling as surfing the internet in your underwear. Just in case you’re wondering, yes I am fully clothed avec underwear. Geesh, what a bunch of pervs!

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