Got me two tickets to paradise!

Eddie Money

Except paradise is the Tillamook County Fair. Like I care! Eddie Money is performing tonight. My bud Maria and I sat on her sofa yesterday weeding through memories of Rick Springfield and Loverboy until the Eddie Money awesomeness punched through! I’m psyched that I’ll be surrounded by cows – it will only make me look skinnier as I scream like a high schooler ramped up on Tab.

One Reply to “Got me two tickets to paradise!”

  1. Jacki,
    You are so hilarious, I just love you.
    And you know what? I love it even more that you got to meet Eddie Money. And you know what else? I love it even that much more that Eddie Money got to meet you!!! I bet you had him in stitches!!
    You got.. 2 tickets to paradise. Tell me, did he sound the same?

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