Oh, it was paradise alright

Next! My pal Chuck gives me my turn with Eddie Money
Eddie Money at Tillamook Fairgrounds

Let me just start by saying I’ve loved Eddie Money ever since I wore my hair in a dorsal fin. I almost cried when I missed him performing with Loverboy at a casino, okay. Getting to meet him super-hyped my dork genes. He was experiencing a slight wardrobe malfunction – a tag digging into his neck. I’m thinking, “Well, I don’t have scissors,” then cheerfully blurt out, “I can chew it off for you!” He jumped because I don’t think he noticed me standing there. “No, I mean. I’m not hitting on you!” He said, “Okay, Darlin.” He called me Darlin’. Just for the record I chew tags off my kids clothes all the time. It’s not some notions-inspired fetish, if that’s what you’re thinking!

Does this cow make my butt look small?

5 Replies to “Oh, it was paradise alright”

  1. You had me with “ever since I wore my hair in a dorsal fin.” Didn’t we all?!

    I had no idea Eddie Money was even still touring. Did he perform “Take Me Home Tonight”?

  2. Why yes he did! That’s my favorite Eddie Money song. This hottie with blonde hair walks on stage to do the female vocals. Later, I found out it was his daughter! He was very gracious, but you can tell he’s tired. The band was spot-on.

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