Next! My pal Chuck gives me my turn with Eddie Money

Eddie Money at Tillamook Fairgrounds

Let me just start by saying I’ve loved Eddie Money ever since I wore my hair in a dorsal fin. I almost cried when I missed him performing with Loverboy at a casino, okay. Getting to meet him super-hyped my dork genes. He was experiencing a slight wardrobe malfunction – a tag digging into his neck. I’m thinking, “Well, I don’t have scissors,” then cheerfully blurt out, “I can chew it off for you!” He jumped because I don’t think he noticed me standing there. “No, I mean. I’m not hitting on you!” He said, “Okay, Darlin.” He called me Darlin’. Just for the record I chew tags off my kids clothes all the time. It’s not some notions-inspired fetish, if that’s what you’re thinking!

Does this cow make my butt look small?


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  1. Mary Rarick says:

    You had me with “ever since I wore my hair in a dorsal fin.” Didn’t we all?!

    I had no idea Eddie Money was even still touring. Did he perform “Take Me Home Tonight”?

  2. jackikane says:

    Why yes he did! That’s my favorite Eddie Money song. This hottie with blonde hair walks on stage to do the female vocals. Later, I found out it was his daughter! He was very gracious, but you can tell he’s tired. The band was spot-on.

  3. marci says:

    I want you to know that that was my first concert!!

  4. Chuck says:

    Yea Girl! Eddie rocked the house that night! We had fun in the mosh pit!!!!!

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