Happy Thanksgiving!

See that pie? It’s the pie I’m NOT making this year. If I had a picture of a turkey, you could also see the turkey I’m not making this year. This year, we’re dining a la Trader Joe’s. It will be an amazing microwave feast, served every five to seven minutes, depending on the oven. Then, we will devour a frozen pumpkin pie and squirt whipped cream into each other’s mouths like fifth graders. Why? Because that’s how we roll. Instead of making a huge production meal, we hang out with our kids and play Battleship. We cook pretty much every night, so if Thanksgiving is our one night off – I’m good with that. One day, we’ll have to break down and make an actual meal. But for now, five minutes on High, baby!

Have yourself a swell holiday, whether it’s microwave or convection.

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