There’s an e in dysfunction now

Heads up, Merriam-Webster! I’m just kidding. Unruffle your tweed boxers already. What I mean is my book, Sass Mouth: Destiny is a Joke, is now available electronically through Kindle. It’s a super-cheap deal too – $8.95! It’s a big day when a pizza costs more than 10 years of grueling writing. But it’s yours to enjoy now. If you’re a parent, you’ll feel like the best one ever. Plus, you’ll learn what NOT to do. It’s like What Not to Wear Your Kids Out With without all the clothes. Here’s where you can find the book:





In other news – show this Friday, Dec. 4th! “What I Would Give for a Silent Night” 8 pm at Curious Comedy Theater. Word on the street is the tickets are starting to go – so come on, come on! I’m hosting this time. Hope to see you there.

Look what happens when your kid starts sipping drinks at a party.

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