Good-bye Carmen

Dear Carmen,

I am so happy I got to perform with you and know you. No offense to other performers, but you were the funniest person in this town and WAY underrated. Who else could roll an oxygen tank on stage and make a joke out of it? I listened in awe as you talked about storming into your daughter’s school to stand up for your daughter. I cheered you on as you stood up to cancer again and again. My heart goes out to your kids and family. You will forever be an inspiration. Go kick some ass in heaven and tell them to stop taking cool people like you.



p.s. I’m wearing that dress you said you loved today and holding what you said to me close to my heart – that you love my voice. I loved yours too and will miss it terribly.

One Reply to “Good-bye Carmen”

  1. Just one more, in 1 million fu%*ing reasons why you are incredible and I’m honored to be your florist

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