The ultimate TIME OUT

You know how you need to end something, but you fear you’ll lose connections forever? I felt like that about closing the TIME OUT show until we all got together last night. What an amazing, talented and freaking hilarious group of women. Now maybe we’ll get to spend more time as friends than working on a show. I had such huge expectations for the show – expanding to other cities, doing a TIME OUT Roadshow and actually making enough money to buy groceries. But my husband Brian put it in perspective: Each one of us brought laughter to moms, dads, grandparents and anyone who admits to being part of a family. So I’m wrapping that thought up with the friends I made and considering the entire experience well worth it. Thanks again, all the performers and Portland for supporting us. I’ll miss dressing up for you and making you laugh on Friday nights.


One Reply to “The ultimate TIME OUT”

  1. Jacki!
    You created such a fun show with women who are talented up the wazoo! In my world, as a mom… it was ALWAYS peemy-pants funny! I have NEVER laughed SO hard in my life. I was always concerned about taking even the teeny-tiniest sip of Myrya diet Coke, for fear of spraying ya all onstage from our front-row corner seats… Can’t wait to see all the projects you’ve all got in, “the hopper” come to fruition! Whoo! Hoo! For ALL of you!
    Your BIGGEST fan! – Dana 😉

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