Check out my self portrait

Alrighty then, they found a few more small masses in my breasts. Kick-ass! So today I had two more big-needle biopsies, more mammograms, a cardio ultrasound thingy and a flu shot. So here’s what I feel like right about now….

Tomorrow, I will officially glow in the dark after a CT and bone density test thing in radiology. With a first round of chemo on Wednesday, I’m wondering if you guys can help me stock up on stuff to read and watch.

I need your help…

What are some names of funny (even stupid) books and movies or TV shows I should watch. It can’t be anything like Nemo (mom gets killed in first two minutes) or Rabbit Proof Fence (kids get ripped from their mothers). Please leave your ideas in the Comments department.



1-My ever-so-helpful friend Michelle D downloaded literary masterpieces: Married by Mistake and A White Cougar Christmas for me. Send me your ideas.

2-My friend Maria brought me a latte today. Thanks for that, Maria!

3-The pharmacist at Safeway told me with my new prescription, I’ll be so jacked up I won’t need coffee for like three days.


7 Replies to “Check out my self portrait”

  1. just sent you a 3 month subscription. i am addicted to it. love to listen to books while doing brainless work.
    some of my fav’s
    Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand – Older British guy dealing with age & life – dry british humor, and positive. have listened to this 3 times (i never do that)
    Spencer Quinn – Dog detective – the dog wrote the books too!
    Jo Nesbo – Norwegian writer, very well done detective series
    Beautiful Ruins – um. best u read the description on audible
    Tana Fench – detective stuff, but also has a great story
    Jim Butcher series – campy si-fy private eye sort of guy
    Eliabeth George – great stuff

    LOVE YOU!!

  2. Oh, your confirmation for Audible will show up tomorrow. The iphone app is great too. download it. it even has a sleep timer function.
    so damn proud of you.

  3. The Daily Show was so funny tonight I almost peed my pants.
    Funny girl Sylvi is watching Friends reruns.
    Annie Hall
    Bad Santa
    The Ref (another snarky holiday selection)
    The Big Lebowski
    and of course, Mad Men, Homeland and Walking Dead.
    Anything by David Sedaris or Sara Vowell.

  4. Two of my favorite funny books: “Wake Up, Sir!” By Jonathan Ames. It’s a spoof on Jeeves and Wooster set in our times, and the Sir rooms in his uncle’s suburban home. And, the other is … I can’t remember but when I do I will pass it along!

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