I’m Coming for You, Weird Cancer Guy

The last two weeks have been filled with testing before chemo. Today was Glow-in-the-Dark Day for me in radiology. I caught a killer nap on one of the machines as “Feliz Navidad” played on a radio. Cancer wasn’t quite what I wanted for Christmas. Anyway, tomorrow is Day 1 of chemo, and I’m ready, Weird Cancer Guy. I’m bringing my Tillamook Yum Bus with me – thanks to my awesome friend, Susan! Tillamook Cheese makes me happy. And, the Tillamook Yum Bus makes me even happier. It’s orange. It’s cute. It has cancer-crushing wheels.


1- My friend Sandra brought me a big bag of produce from her farm, Kruger’s. Just in time, too!

2- Hearing Christmas music while undergoing medical testing is just pure comedy.

3- Me and my Yum Bus are ready to crush some Weird Cancer Guy A!

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