Day 1: Chemo at Dr. Awesome’s “Cocktail Lounge”

Chemo Lounge at OSHU Knight Cancer Center on the Good Sam campus


Day 1 of Chemo ROCKED! Here’s why:

– First news I got was the other areas of suspicion they found are clear. So now we’re dealing with the one tumor.

– Nurse Rhandi decorated my chair with glitter and streamers. She’s awesome, too.

– I got bundled up with a bag from Matt’s Chemo Bags. His mom had cancer, so he’s been assembling bags of goodies like handknit blankets, fleece pillows, lip balm, etc. SO loved snuggling under that. I sent Matt a thank you right from the chemo chair. He’s in college now and was happy to hear he’s still making a difference.

– When they administered two huge RED ROCKETS of chemo, I was so happy they weren’t pink. I would have liked them better with seething skull and crossbones for extra drama.

– Check me out – I look hot. The built-in port is pure Vogue. Oversized glasses and warm cap – Jacki Oh!


– My daughter made me a big sparkly poster that says: “I LOVE MOM…She has cancer.”

– My friend Lisa brought over a bouquet of flowers last night and a totally hilarious card.

– Our neighbor Julia had us over for an amazing dinner and offer to help beyond our wildest dreams.

– (Okay, four.) Feeling fine today and heading back over to OHSU Knight Center to talk about how we can spruce up the chemo room before the redesign with my friend Linda Cahan who is graciously donating her time.

Have a swell day, everybody!

The real “Portland” is in me chest.

7 Replies to “Day 1: Chemo at Dr. Awesome’s “Cocktail Lounge””

  1. So glad the other suspicious areas are clean. Continued super nurse healing powers to you! You are one amazing lady!

  2. That’s rockin’ news! That chemo cocktail bar needs some serious design help. It would fit right in with the RV interiors I’ve spend many an hour looking at.

  3. You are one incredible woman! Having a meeting the day after your first chemo?! Man, you’re making the rest of us look bad…

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