Fear has something to say

One night, I was in a coffee house in SW scouting locations for comedy open mic night when Bridget Pilloud came through the door. Our eyes met and we  thought we were there to meet each other. I was there to meet a room; she was there to meet a client. So we introduced ourselves. There are just so many magnetic things about Bridget. She runs a kick-a business as an intuitive speaker, writer and more. I’ve been in awe of her insights and the way she packages her business. So I’ve been following her emails “Soul Notes” ever since. Today, I emailed Bridget a question about fear: “I’m dealing with a cancerous tumor that I think fear caused. So I’m interested in learning more about how to hurdle fear.”

This is what she said:

Wow- Cancerous tumor- Listen- I have a good feeling about you and this tumor.
Fear. Yes. But let me just say- it’s not about hurdling. It’s about sitting with and listening. Fear is information. That’s all.
I wrote this today. It must have been for you:

Our energy can change reality. Reality is mutable so we can change it. We are just one force in our reality. There are others that affect us as well. It’s not as simple as “What you believe, you attract.” It’s more like: “Understand and direct your reality in context with all forces.”

If you need some spot-on insight or direction, here’s where to find Bridget: intuitivebridge.com. Getting that response from Bridget has helped me keep fear at bay. The results of the genetic tests are back already! Tomorrow, we find out the results at 10 am. Instead of thinking about it, I think I’ll go watch reruns of Reno 911 ONLY because we ran out of Homeland discs. That’ll keep me out of trouble.


1- The genetic test is back. By this time tomorrow, I’ll have a better idea what it all means. And, hopefully, a more solid plan.

2- The clue bus stopped by:  I need to keep working out through this, no matter what. So I did a step and strength class to start with all the other people at the clue bus stop.

3- Watched Livvie sing songs at Brownies. I was a complete failure as a Brownie, so she makes me proud.


8 Replies to “Fear has something to say”

  1. Hey Jacki,
    Wise words. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow & sending positive thoughts. You’ll get through this either way. And, for the record, I was a loser Brownie, too.

  2. This was a real blessing – “Fear is information.” It sounds so obvious but is such a deep concept. Thanks for sharing it.
    I think of you every day – tomorrow will be no different!

  3. Such a blessing today – “Fear is information.” Seems obvious but is so not obvious.
    I think of you every day – tomorrow will be no different!

  4. That was a wonderful post Jacki – thank you! Cahan & Company Retail Design Consultant, Visual Merchandising, Seminars & Training 503.638.6727 Pacific Time http://www.lindacahan.com West Linn, Oregon

    Author of: 100 Displays Under $100, Book and PDF Visual Merchandising 101, The Basics of Excellent Presentation DVD Feng Shui for Retailers, the only book on Feng Shui just for the retail community

  5. Smacki, you are my hero. I’ve been working on forgiveness and acceptance. I think there are similarities to how we should approach fear and regard acceptance. They both live in our shadow and occupy our space. Our tendencies seem to be to avoid opening these boxes of trepidation even while we live and work around them. I’m learning to open them, feel ’em out, and move forward. Maybe it’s not as scary if you understand what the contents mean to you, in your past or into your future, but your reality, the present time, shouldn’t allow for worry, only positive movement. Love you.

    BTW, great hat shop on Hawthorne, Classic Collections.

  6. Jacki,

    Thinking about you all the time. It is awesome the way you are working through this and sharing your journey with us. You are surely going to wind up this leg of your life journey in a positive place. Lots of love.

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