Making Weird Cancer Guy work for me

I’m always wondering – how can I take advantage of cancer? What about my needs? If it’s going to invade my body, the least it can do is pay rent. Here are the Einstein things I came up with:

1- Figure out a way to sand the stairs…with my head.

2- Use chemo as an excuse. Parking meter ran out? Chemo did it. Chocolate ran out? Chemo totally did that. 

3- Work chemo into my dieting strategy. Any food I take into chemo becomes associated with chemo. Later, when I see said food, I feel sick instantly. So if I take things I love but shouldn’t eat (chocolate croissants, pizza and nearly any flavor of Doritos), chemo will make these items repulsive to me. And, voila! I won’t eat them. It’s already happened with coconut water and marconi almonds. But it needs to happen with junk food.


1- Got to hang out with me friend Sandra and catch up on some serious smack talk.

2- The kids had an awesome day back to school and no homework!

3- The tumor went from Lego hard to Jello, and now I can’t feel it at all. The surgeon’s nurse said that was a good sign the chemo is working. Sure hope so! 



One Reply to “Making Weird Cancer Guy work for me”

  1. Thank you for adding me Jacki dear! I read all your blogs like a stalker just to catch up. Plus you make me laugh so I had to keep going. I am so happy you have such a rock star family and awesome loving friends that help you on this journey. I am happy to be included in your blog. We should hang out sometime soon! ((hugs)) Molly

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