New Year’s Resolutions

Image1- Beat Weird Cancer Guy.
2- Beat Weird Cancer Guy.

3- Beat Weird Cancer Guy.

4- Beat Weird Cancer Guy.

5- Beat Weird Cancer Guy.

6- Beat Weird Cancer Guy.

7- Beat Weird Cancer Guy.

8- Beat Weird Cancer Guy.

9- Beat Weird Cancer Guy.

10- Move on.


1- Check out this rad restaurant we found in McMinnville called Community. Amazing food with words like “hand-cut” and “house-made.”

ImageImage2- Figured out some places I can go to “fit in” in 2013: Military bases, Comic-Con and the Hair Club for Men membership drive.

3- Feeling fortunate for so many reasons. Hope you all have an amazing New Year’s and stay safe tonight!

3 Replies to “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Happy New Year, Sweet Jacki. I’m toasting you tonight, staying home with my family. Lots of love to you and your family. This is your year, baby.

  2. Jacki, Happy 2013 ~~ This time next year you can say You beat Weird Cancer Guy! Scott and I are recording a bunch of Portlandia episodes tonight. I remember hearing about this show last year but never watched it. Are you an extra in more than one episode? Do you remember the episode titles you are in? Hope to see you in one we recorded! Think about you EVERY day and send prayers westward! Love, Julie

  3. Let’s see – the only episode you can clearly spot me in is “No Olympics.” Otherwise, I’m a speck in the DMV, brunch line and some episode about a pancake. Can’t for the life of me understand why Portlandia is a hit nationally because we’re weird out here, people. Really, really weird.

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