“Make room for the unplanned”

IMG_1669Maybe it’s from watching too many episodes of Gilligan’s Island, but I learned a long time ago that island living isn’t for me. When I saw the Obamas getting off Air Force One in Hawaii at Christmas, I decided island living could be for me like right now. But who knows how long it will take before we could ever afford a trip? We’re going to have to create our own island. Luckily, there are some ideas we can steal from paradise out of an article called “How Locals Live” in this month’s Sunset.

Author Kaui Hart Hemmings says people on Oahu live more sporadically then people in L.A. or San Francisco. We can do that. Last night, our friends Shonda and Julien brought dinner over. I managed to vacuum with a SEARS vacuum that actually sucks, but the kitchen floor looked like a combination drunk tagger and Chia Pet. Who cares? Shonda took over the kitchen and made an amazing dinner. She even had a pizza delivered. Having anyone other than me take over the kitchen is my paradise. Better yet, hanging out with friends is paradise.

Maybe slowing down and being tired is a good thing because I’m too beat to really care about the kitchen floor. When this is all over, I hope friends still stop by and dinners are more pulled together than planned. Like Kaui Hart Hemmings says in the Sunset article: “We make room for the unplanned.”


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