Finally! Downton Abbey is back. It’s one of the TV ways I have found to make dealing with Weird Cancer Guy easier. While I’m at it, here are two other ways I find a mental vacation. sends out a daily, soothing dose of eye candy. Sign up for it – you won’t be disappointed.

design-seedsFind another flight from reality at, photos and well-written articles about how people with buckets of money live and decorate their palatial homes. After you can find some good ideas for your house, go play the lottery.


1- Downton Abbey is back with one of my favorite actresses of all time, Shirley MacLaine.

2- My friend Heather brought over dinner from Jade Teahouse. Thanks, Heather!

3- Excited to get some work from a new client. I’ve been craving income lately.


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  1. Linda Cahan says:

    How fabulous – a breast cancer episode – just can’t escape from it :-0 But – I’m happy Edith is finally getting married. I hope to God they don’t kill him off too quickly.

    Love, Linda

  2. Rachelle Fisher says:

    Well, of course, my dirty mind thought someone was goin downtown on you woman!!! hahaha, had to share. 🙂 Love Houzz and design-seeds. I just found the garden of my dreams on Houzz yesterday from their newsletter. Definitely need a lotto ticket though. Dang.

    When can I bring you guys dinner? Any hates/loves (besides junk food) that I should be aware of? I have lots of cooking time this weekend… would be great to see you!

    xo Rachelle


    • clevercopy says:

      Whoa! That’s how un-hip I am. Didn’t even know that was the reference all the young kids are using these days! Would be great to see you too – will call you tomorrow!

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