Goin’ Downton tonight

Finally! Downton Abbey is back. It’s one of the TV ways I have found to make dealing with Weird Cancer Guy easier. While I’m at it, here are two other ways I find a mental vacation. Design-seeds.com sends out a daily, soothing dose of eye candy. Sign up for it – you won’t be disappointed.

design-seedsFind another flight from reality at houzz.com, photos and well-written articles about how people with buckets of money live and decorate their palatial homes. After you can find some good ideas for your house, go play the lottery.


1- Downton Abbey is back with one of my favorite actresses of all time, Shirley MacLaine.

2- My friend Heather brought over dinner from Jade Teahouse. Thanks, Heather!

3- Excited to get some work from a new client. I’ve been craving income lately.

3 Replies to “Goin’ Downton tonight”

  1. How fabulous – a breast cancer episode – just can’t escape from it :-0 But – I’m happy Edith is finally getting married. I hope to God they don’t kill him off too quickly.

    Love, Linda

  2. Well, of course, my dirty mind thought someone was goin downtown on you woman!!! hahaha, had to share. 🙂 Love Houzz and design-seeds. I just found the garden of my dreams on Houzz yesterday from their newsletter. Definitely need a lotto ticket though. Dang.

    When can I bring you guys dinner? Any hates/loves (besides junk food) that I should be aware of? I have lots of cooking time this weekend… would be great to see you!

    xo Rachelle


    1. Whoa! That’s how un-hip I am. Didn’t even know that was the reference all the young kids are using these days! Would be great to see you too – will call you tomorrow!

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