Coming soon: Time out, Mom!

In the why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-earlier department, I’ve authorized the kids to give me time outs. The last time I had chemo, they said, “Mom, chemo makes you grumpy and mean.” Ruh roh. Well, it does. The steroids jack you up worse than a Mexican jumping bean under a heat lamp, and the chemo itself gives you a Joan Rivers level of irritability and high maintenance. Chemo is Wednesday, but already they’re talking gleefully about issuing time outs. I could get used to this. Just wait until they figure out when I’m in time out, I can no longer render services. Wah waaah. Stay tuned for how this one goes.


1- Downton Abbey rocked last night. Had no idea there was a breast cancer theme?! Also had no idea cancer even existed back then. The cliffhanger could have been: “Would you like a crumpet…or CANCER?! Sir.”

2- I walked right up to a Peet’s Coffee employee, asked where the bathroom was and proceeded to inform her that I’d be right back after “taking care of this.” She didn’t smirk, snark or snarl. Instead, she happily chirped: “Okay!”

3- A new client called me despite knowing I’m dealing with cancer. I’m so grateful to get the opportunity to work on a new team, much less focus on copywriting.

2 Replies to “Coming soon: Time out, Mom!”

    1. Waah! Sorry I haven’t been able to write copy for you yet – I’ve been running around like a mad cat trying to get everything done before I get all sick. But I will get to it! Happy to do it.

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