You Caring

Today, I went out like normal people. People who shower and put on make up. That’s right, I went to The Pearl District. I had a meeting about work, and I liked it. I’m starting to love work even more now. Every tagline I write makes me feel power over Weird Cancer Guy. How you like me now, Weird Cancer Guy? I’m W-R-I-T-I-N-G, and I’ll bet my client LIKES IT. Oh yeah, I’m still smart. I’m still clever. Then I lost my car. I walked block after block and couldn’t find my freaking car for like an HOUR. I prayed for the police horses to walk down the street and drape me over the neck until we clomped around and found it. (What kind of crime fighting can a draft horse do anyway?) I tried to let myself into other people’s black MDXs. Brian called worried, then offered to come straight there and help me. I turned a corner, and there it was, parked right in front of a giant sculpture at the park blocks. Never noticed that sculpture before. Whew.

In other news, I added a page about fundraising right here on this blog: As much as I don’t even want to ask, I have to. I never want to ask for help – it’s embarrassing. But my friends are lobbying to raise money for me so I can beat this. With two kids and a paper-thin workload, I’d be a freaking idiot not to let them.   Please visit the page and donate if you wanna. I’ll be forever grateful. What am I saying – I’m grateful to you for even reading this.


1- Barrett took me out to lunch at a place where we could seriously talk. It wasn’t loud at all. Barrett convinced me to move to Portland 14 years ago. We’ve been friends and collaborators ever since. Thank you for your compassion and laughter all these years, especially now. I love you, Barrett!

2- Loy is flying to Atlanta to attend our friend Gary’s dad’s funeral. I so so wish I could go. Gary’s been there for me countless times. I love you, LG and Gary, and will be there in spirit.

3- Hooray, my dad and his wife will be here tomorrow!! They’ve been there for me every single day. Now they’ll physically be here. How cool is that!

5 Replies to “You Caring”

  1. HA!!! I LOVE the living room. I wanted to finish moving everything around immediately. I would love for you to do that to the entire house, especially with my most recent claustrophobia issues! Thank you for helping with that!

  2. so glad you have family visiting and you wore mu today! and sorry about the car mishap, I do that all the time, and ps, you are still funny as ever and your clients are so lucky to have you!

  3. Just wanted to add another positive for you: As I read your frequent posts I see your already amazing writing getting even stronger. The wonderful Ray Bradbury says to be a writer you must write, and you are writing, really well.

  4. Getting mentioned in Jacki’s blog is kinda the trendy new place to get your name dropped. Everybody is reading it. Move over Prez Hilton, Jacki Kane’s blog is hot! Hot! HOT!

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