Mistaken Identity…The Sequel

Sometimes my head erupts in a cranial hot flash, making me rip any cutie pie lid I’ve got on right off. I’m at a bakery, bald head glowing, when a woman with an equally stubbly bald head approaches me:

“So, is your hair a lifestyle decision?” she says.

“No, it’s a chemo decision,” I say. “What about you?”

“I’m a monk.”

How weird would it be to get mistaken as a cancer patient when you’re a monk? Could I get mistaken for a monk? She had the most caring eyes. I wanted her to cure me with her eyes. A whole ER scenario immediately played out in my head. “It’s a medical miracle,” McSteamy said. “You no longer have cancer. Your days of chemo are over…Hold me.” Back at the bakery, I told the monk lady I was so glad she wasn’t bald because of cancer, and she thanked me for saying that. 


1- Dad and Chris are here! It’s so comforting on so many levels. I was afraid of what my dad would think seeing his daughter all sick and bald. Instead, he talked about how proud he is of me that I’m still smiling. Thanks, Dad. It’s so huge that you and Chris are here. Plus, the kids are stoked!

2- Livvie’s team tore it UP at Battle of the Books! So proud of her and her team.

3- Ran into my mom friends at school. Their hugs, love and support filled my heart way more than my McSteamy vision.

By the way, I want to thank everyone who has been so complimentary of my writing. I didn’t want to be just a writer when I grew up. I wanted to be a fantastic writer. You are making me feel like I’m getting a little closer.

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