Dragons would make excellent pies

IMG_1708My friend Rachelle is such a dialed-in baker, she whipped us up a Key lime pie without even KNOWING today was National Pie Day. Clowns are rejoicing from coast to coast. To celebrate, we devoured Rachelle’s heavenly pie because she said it’s low-fat. My friend Michelle delivered the pie and a pot of beans and greens with bacon on top. It should have been National Beans and Greens Day, dinner was that good.

When I was weeding through the emails that piled up during my last chemo stupor, I ran across this sweet email Michelle sent me about a 1970’s book called The Laughing Dragon that her daughter reads. Read the story here: http://www.vintagechildrensbooksmykidloves.com/2010/08/laughing-dragon.html

Michelle wrote: “For a while this is all fine and dandy as the dragon keeps the Royal Emperor warm at night (he suffers from cold feet), but eventually the good-natured beast becomes a problem. They say to him (and you’ll love this): ‘The trouble with you is you always see the funny side of life.’ To solve the problem, they bring him to an island to live so he won’t be laughing and burning everyone to a crisp. The island becomes tropical because of the dragon’s heat. Beautiful flowers grow that attract amazing tropical birds, and he befriends a turtle who listens to his tale of woe.

News comes that Japan is in a deep freeze and the royal palace is completely buried in snow. The dragon and his tropical friends, including the turtle, hash out a plan to get the dragon back to Japan. Once there, he melts the snow and saves the royal family. He is allowed to stay and whenever life gets too out of hand as in everything is grand and the dragon gets to laughing too much, then the little turtle tells the dragon sad stories so he won’t be laughing and burning everyone to a crisp.

Well you my friend are that brave dragon and here you are burning us all to a pleasant crispy golden brown! I love that you see the funny side of life!”

Thanks so much for that, Michelle! People in Portland would probably love a burst of flaming dragon breath in this weather. Plus, that dragon could laugh and crisp the meringue on any pie. We should all go to Hawaii. We should all go to Hawaii and eat pie.


1- Surgeon appointment is coming up. I’m hoping to leave with a plan and a date. I’m still hoping for full mastectomy and Barbie boobs, especially after talking to several other women who had cancer come right back in the same place. That could still happen, of course.

2- Went to see Zero Dark Thirty with Sandra. Nothing like escaping into pure suspense for over two hours. Plus, we happily selected our next Geek Squad (That’s what we call our first-run movie viewing.): Iron Man 3 slated for April. Maybe I’ll have super hero boobs by then.

3- Angie, Maggie and Ellie brought ANOTHER dinner over tonight. I’m chalking up any weight gain to my friends’ excellent cooking. Oh, and that jar of Velveeta cheese dip I downed after last chemo. So much for my hope of having a waif Audrey Hepburn body after this.


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