It’s Dalai Mama

ImageToday not as good as yesterday. But I got to go to my friend Karen’s house and wrap myself up in her red blanket. Coincidentally, the Dalai Lama is coming to Portland soon. And without even trying, I’ve captured the look! Nothing against the Dalai Lama, but I can’t wait to look like myself again. I’ll never whine about a bad hair day again.

Tomorrow is plastic surgery day. No idea how this will go, but I’m pretty sure Brian is envisioning being invited to “shop” boob sizes from stacks of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and Victoria’s Secret catalogues. I’m envisioning rifling through a plastic bin full of water balloons. Now that the reality of surgery and reconstruction is here, I’m not as excited. It’s sad getting a big part of your body lobbed off. I worked hard for these boobs, starting with Judy Blume’s “We must, we must, we must increase our bust!” Then, there were multiple training bra stuffings in sixth grade. Having two kids netted two cup sizes bigger. I was just starting to like these boobs. Bummer. 


1- Steven’s team won their last game today, which is pretty rad considering they lost most of the games over the season. His team played hard and deserved another great win.

2- Loy and Sharon just stopped by with some groceries. Thanks, guys!

3- Our super-cool neighbor Sarah brought over a HUGE Mason Jar full of fresh tomato-ginger soup and a pitcher of apple-beet juice from her juicer. My body’s teeming with toxins. Even my molecules are excited about fresh-made soup and juice.


3 Replies to “It’s Dalai Mama”

  1. Love the Dalai Mama! Thank you for sharing your sense of humor during all that you guys are going through.

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