One day near normal



Today felt like getting a day off from jail. I woke up 33% less dizzy and sick. First, we went to Steven’s early basketball tournament, where I was well enough to stand up and scream when he sunk a clean three-pointer. Next, magic acupuncture with Tracy Anderson. Then, I headed to my pal Trina’s house and got to talk to her honey Ed and his mom. We sat around the kitchen table and talked like normal people. Trina and I went to the Artwalk, then to St. Jack for some mussels. Just like normal people! I told the server I couldn’t really do cocktails. So she made me a grown-up Shirley Temple with mineral water. So nice of them. I feel maxed out on toxins, so mineral water is about all I can handle. The whole time I was enjoying being like normal people, I couldn’t help but think I’m the snowman in the snowman book. Eventually, the sun is going to come out, and I’m going to melt. Lucky for me, I melted after I got home. So happy for one day of relief from chemo. So, so happy.


1- I got to go out into the world today. I didn’t realize how much I missed it.

2- Debbie gave me fresh juice she made herself. I’m hooked. 

3- Steven’s team fought hard and won their game. So proud of them.

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