Mahalo in tropical SE Portland









Nothing says Aloha like moss-choked Portland…until now. In my obsession with Hawaii, my friends are making it happen! Kate brought over a mango, pineapple, papaya, plant and retro card. Then, Lisa shows up with Hawaiian dish towels and earrings. Aloha, yo! It’s like being there. We’re going to get there somehow. Thanks Kate and Lisa for jumpstarting my fantasy of healing the whole family in Hawaii. Feeling slightly better today. I took the dog for a walk, and she moved really slow for me. Still feel dizzy and found out that I’ve got chemo-induced “fake” menopause. That’s what the hot flashes are about. This party just keeps rocking. 


1- When I woke up from a sleeping-pill induced night, a white paper bag sat next to my face. Oh no, did I eat take out in bed…again? Nope, Livvie had drawn “I love you, Mom” on it and left it in bed with me. Best girl ever.

2- Best quote I’ve heard in a long time: “Now I know what Yoda looks like eating chocolate,” said my hysterically funny friend Molly. She was referring to me nibbling on a piece of chocolate with two squirrel-like hands, a robe and Yoda bald head.

3- The kids overheard us talking about the mastectomy and reconstruction. Boy are they confused. Especially Steven. Why would anyone want fake boobs? he said. Uh, Pamela Anderson. Speak up any time.




2 Replies to “Mahalo in tropical SE Portland”

  1. Jackie! You continue to amaze me and inspire me to be a better person. May you be surrounded by Hawaii for a long time!!!! Your family is amazing, led by their matriarch:)

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