Better run, Weird Cancer Guy





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Tomorrow is my last chemo day. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. What’s it going to do to me this time? My eyebrows are almost gone, but I got to keep most of my eyelashes. Steven and Livvie are in high gear, ready to pummel Weird Cancer Guy. Steven came home and got to work on a hilarious Weird Cancer Guy book. I was the most touched that he gave Livvie credit on the book. Whew – no sibling legal suit. Meanwhile, Livvie brought back Weird Cancer Guy in another comic strip. Can’t lose with these two behind me. Thanks Steven and Livvie for giving me an extra push – and all the other chemo patients in the room a great laugh. Steven asked me to share his book with them.


1- Got my personality back today just in time to lose it tomorrow. It’s like going on a weird trip to Stupidville every three weeks.

2- Met Brian for a check-in coffee. We should do that every Tuesday. We decided that after this, we’re going to encourage the kids to go back to being kids, not caretakers.

3- Last chemo for me. The staff at the Knight Cancer Center has been so amazing, I’ll miss them. Dr. Awesome said, not so fast sistah. I’ll be seeing him after tomorrow.

4 Replies to “Better run, Weird Cancer Guy”

  1. It appears there is another talented writer in the Sturkie family. Great job Steven (and Livvie)!!!

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