Last chemo day for me at the OHSU Knight Cancer Center/Chemo Spa. Check it out.


1- Dr. Eric “Awesome” Anderson and team Rhandi and Linda saved my life. I am eternally grateful for that.

2- The OHSU Knight Cancer Center team made chemo as good of an experience as it could be. It just gets bad when you go home. They included me on Starbucks runs.

3- Another chemo patient read Steven’s Revenge of Weird Cancer Guy with his son and had a good laugh. He slept through his treatment.

4 Replies to “Chemo…Done!”

  1. Congratulations on finishing chemo! I’m so happy for you and will be rooting for you through this whole crazy thing.

    Peace and love, Kari

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  2. By God, you made it through. Life doesn’t stay the same. You’ve had my prayers daily and I’m working on getting my art into chemo rooms or entries to them. Thanks be to God.

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