Hanging in there

Finally feeling relieved to clear the last chemo. Having a house full of flowers and congratulatory notes is so nice. Sari and I went for a good walk this morning. But I’m feeling heavier and sleepier now. Who knows how tomorrow will go. I see the light.


1- Realizing I’m done with chemo.

2- I mentioned to Steven that I was craving Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches, and he went out and got some! Best son ever! When Steven told his class that my chemo was over, they applauded again.

3- Hanging with my family tonight watching a movie. So happy about that.

7 Replies to “Hanging in there”

  1. Way to go, Jacki! You’ve reached a milestone. Take a deep breath and rest. We’re all behind you. Thanks for keeping us entertained with the ongoing lighthearted saga. Be well.

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