The cancer dream team unites!

No one knows why four of the moms at my kids’ school have breast cancer. Is it all that organic produce we eat? The super-clean water? The industries that surround us? We got together to share experiences ranging from the rebounding from surgery to being told, “You’re going to die.” We’re all in a club no other mom would want to join. But that’s the deal for us right now. So we support each other and laugh extra hard because boy howdy do we get it. I feel strength in numbers and love even more.


1- It’s the start of spring break. I vow to help my kids focus on being kids this week. Steven saw me melting down in a hot flash and ran down to the basement to fetch a fan. I can’t wait until he can be just a kid.

2- Took my hot flashes, black spots and tight throat out of the house today. It was great meeting Sandra for lunch and talking about sunny desert places.

3- Somehow, I’m going to turn my current obsession, PIE FACE, into a school fundraiser. I’m thinking if you can dunk people, you can PIE PEOPLE.

2 Replies to “The cancer dream team unites!”

  1. I had never seen Pie Face (I don’t think it was in So Cal in the ‘60s), but it was HILARIOUS!!!!!!

    Reminded me of all of those random stupid games that existed back then.


    (503) 781-2872

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