Life is all one big prairie…

And we’re the little house. That’s the wisdom that comes from me and my bud Jillian, bellying up to breakfast at Slappy Cakes and talking ’70s television. But here’s the thing – everything merges together for me lately. So I can’t tell the difference between Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons. It’s troublesome that I can’t tell the difference. We’re talking Depression-era West Virginia vs. frontier West, for crying out loud.

We also talked about how surreal it is to go from having pressure to breastfeed to getting your boob pressure smashed in a mammogram in the same hospital. It’s like your life is one long bar charted a line from HAVING KIDS WITH POSSIBILITIES to THE POSSIBILITY OF HAVING CANCER.

I had my kids at Good Sam hospital. Brian and I even have a special table by the window in the cafeteria. A snow storm hit the night Steven was born, and we ate dinner there together, watching the snow fall and being so appreciative to have a healthy baby. Since I’ve been going back to Good Sam for treatments, that table has never been open. But we always look there, just to remember that night. Having a two-top table serve as a marker of where you were then and where you are right now is a little weird. But maybe the comfort of having our kids at that hospital will overtake the jolt of cancer. Maybe the two points in time will meld and dissolve into one, big prairie. Then, we can sit at that table anytime we want and feel appreciative like the first time.


1- Hanging out with Jillian is always a total blast. But this time reached down into the abyss and yanked my spirit out with a cartoon splat. Thanks for that, Jillian.

2- Going to dinner with the Raggetts and watching the kids go all Jiffy Pop in the restaurant after eating like two pounds of ice cream each. Thanks for that!

3- Getting introduced to possibly the best game of all TIME by Jillian – PIE FACE. Jillian said she set up a lemonade stand with her daughter and made like $1.25. Then she brought in PIE FACE and made $55! Anyone know where to get one of these games – it’s better than Bag O’ Glass. Best Game Ever

One Reply to “Life is all one big prairie…”

  1. Jacki you have such a way with words! Love the juxtaposition of the various needs for the hospital. Thank goodness they are there for you. Hope the two-top opens up soon for you and Brian to share more happy moments. Lots o love comin your way from Jersey….

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