7 days of denial turned into 14

After spring break, my denial ran out of control. At one point, a store owner started asking me about treatment and I was all like, “Whaa?” Then, I realized I was standing there with a shiny bald head and a LIVE STRONG pullover. Oh yeah, right. Cancer. 

Tonight there’s no denying that yeah, so what? It’s cancer. And I have the best friends on the planet. They are throwing a rocking out party and auction tonight for our family. I’m already blown away by what they’ve all done. Tonight is so huge, I’m having my eyebrows professionally drawn on. I’ll try to take as many photos as I can to post here. My hope is that I  can adequately express my profound gratitude to everyone involved (This means you, Trina! You started this hoot.)


1- My friends and family rock!

2- I found a dress for $25.

3- My friends and family put the CAN in cancer.

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