A night we’ll never forget


When I found out I had cancer, I called Brian crying, “I have cancer.” But he said, “There is no I. Only we. We have cancer.” When he said we, I had no idea we would mean an army of 200 people who packed The Village Ballroom, donated, worked, organized, rocked out, baked and bought things to help us weather this storm. Trina lost a ton of sleep creating this event. She kept calling me saying, “YOUR FRIENDS!” They folded in, took on tons of tasks and ended up growing the event way out of sofa capacity at Trina’s house. Soon, one hell of a party resulted that embodied our family in every way – energetic, happy and fun. I loved every minute of it. And yes, I took in the tidal wave of love and feel forever humbled. All that love showed my kids what true community really means. Thank everyone who participated, attended and organized – the auction was a life-changing event we will never forget. We love you all. (I will share photos when I get them. For now, I’ve got a photo with Sari!)


1- Today, I got to volunteer at the Run for the Arts at school. SO great to get to go in the school. I had been staying out of it to avoid getting sick.

2- New friendships hatched through the auction, which is super cool.

3- We live in the best, most supportive community ever.

2 Replies to “A night we’ll never forget”

  1. Brian is right: “WE have cancer” and we know how to take care of our own. You looked like the belle of the ball that night too-fab dress and fantastic eyebrows!

  2. Jacki,
    What surprises me is how gorgeous you look without hair! Like one of those exquisite dolls without her wig. Thanks for the extraordinary evening. We love you and your family.
    Jeanine and Ed

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