Surgery is one week away. Everyone has done so much for us and still, they’re asking, “How can we help after surgery?” I’ve got our kids and dog taken care of, but not much else. This is the week to get organized. Sometimes you don’t even know what you need help with or how things will go. I’m just wary of the whole process. Surgery will tell whether the cancer spread and if I need to do radiation next. But what I really need to keep in check is the fear of the cancer coming right back or appearing somewhere else. Being afraid seems like wasted energy. I’m planning on living in the right now with loads of gratitude. Kids make it easy to do that because everything is right now to them. Like I want cookies right now. Can we leave right now. But I’ll sweep the kitchen in a minute.


1- Went to Latourelle Falls with Shonda and a carload of kids and attempted to hike in the rain-soaked, moss-covered wonderland. The kids got soaked, then demanded Starbucks.ImageImage

2- Nothing like hot pizza on a cold, rainy day. Four moms, 9 kids and no clean up is pure paradise.

3- Lisa sent me this video – it’s a MUST SEE. It’s so right up my alley (THINK HOT GUYS), I wonder if I wrote it.


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  1. J Semon says:

    Jacki, You remain in my prayers every day. Love, Jeanine

  2. jeaninesemon says:

    Jacki, What surgery? Jeanine My health book, “Living Art, Living Young”, (on the back, 85 and Still Going Strong) is out on Amazon as of now. Soon available in e-book. Much much love and prayers to you and your family.

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