Cancer’s a joke

Saying yes to help can be pretty uncomfortable. I didn’t want to at first. But then I thought this is not just about me. We’ve got kids. Don’t be a jackleg, yo. Let people help because they’re our friends and they want to do something. One fundraising website, crafty fair and gigantic auction later, and we are able to pay medical bills and buy groceries. My comedy friends want to help, too. So they’ve put together a Comedy Showcase that is coming right up. If you’re in Portland, join us at the show. My man Brian is also performing. He once killed with a 20-minute set about plunging the toilet. Here are the details:

TUESDAY, APRIL 30 5:30 pm doors | 7 pm show
O’Connors Restaurant in the Vault
7850 S.W. Capitol Hwy Portland, OR 97219

Featuring comedians Susan Rice, Betsy Kauffman and Joanie Quinn & MC Wendy Westerwelle



1- Took Xena the Warrior Princess Dog for a walk and ran across this – a pot of apple blossoms with a happy note inviting passers-by to take one. I love living here.Image

2- We split divine Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches after dinner!

3- The kids and I met with an art therapist at Good Sam. Really helped to all get on the same page and listen to their concerns. For Steven, it’s about planning. For Livvie, knowing where to be when. We’re all ready for the whole thing to be definitively over.

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