Could it be…The end of Weird Cancer Guy?


Tomorrow is the big surgery day. Today, I got two radioactive dye injections right in the nipple! I wanted to scream like Steve Carell getting a full body wax in The 40 Year Old Virgin, but I didn’t. Now I’m rockin’ one radioactive boob. Tomorrow, they’ll use a Geiger Counter to see if the cancer spread. That is SO Dr. No. If the cancer didn’t spread, Weird Cancer Guy is going down for good!

We took the kids on a tour of the hospital, and guess what? “Our” table was open – the one that we sat at during a snow storm the day Steven was born, then two years later when Livvie was born. It feels like good luck to me. I’m thinking a lot about Steven – he’s so worried. Livvie’s like, “See ya!” It seems like the whole family is in between excitement that this might almost be over and dread that it might not.



1- Brian and I caught dinner together at the most excellent Township and Range. He’s elated to have me back from chemo. Me too.

2- I’m heading into this last phase riding a huge love wave of support from my incredible family, Dad and Chris, my aunt Sandy and the best friends on the planet. Brian says I’m brave. I say with all of you behind me, how could I do anything except go straight through.

3- Steven offered to take over the blog while I’m passed out. I can’t wait to see what he writes. He says he hates writing, but he’s exceptional at it.


7 Replies to “Could it be…The end of Weird Cancer Guy?”

  1. You amaze me Jacki with your resolve! Will be thinking and praying for you during your surgery and the days to follow. Love you! Julie and Scott

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