Tom Petty was right!

“The waiting is the hardest part.” All I remember about surgery is passing out after one of the nurses pulled the hospital “shower curtain” closed. What the? They were supposed to bring a hot intern to surgery. When I woke up, I was in an identical room with another shower curtain. I kept asking anyone who walked by me, “Did it spread?” One nurse walked away quickly. No one knew. They pushed me back to an enormous private room with built-in shelves and a window view. (How the heck did I get a luxurious hospital room?) Brian was there. The first thing I asked him was, “Did they give you my ring?” That’d be the wedding ring I desperately tried to get off the night before. I panicked and called Lyndsay, who makes jewelry. I tried all of her and her husband Denny’s suggestions from cold ice to Windex. My finger looked like an angry sausage.

Brian showed me the ring, which was in a plastic bag. The setting is intact, but we’ll have to get the band fixed for sure. “Did it spread?” I asked Brian. We still won’t know until pathology reports come back. Dr. G came in and told me it looks good, but there’s always a chance that despite the chemo working, the cancer could have spread. So we wait and hope the news comes in today so that we don’t have to wait the entire weekend.


1- There’s nothing like being welcomed home by a pair of ecstatic kids.

2- The kids got in a fight about who gets to write the blog next. They’d also fight over pocket lint.

3- SO thankful for pain medication because this crazy hurts. Not happy about my memory though – pretty slow and clueless.

p.s. Steven said he would write a blog tonight.

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