Blogging while strongly medicated

Here’s one piece of advice I can confidently give you: Don’t drink and look for jobs on Craigslist. I did that once, scored an interview, then realized that I would have gone home with negative take-home pay. They laughed out loud when I called them to bow out of the interview. So here I am again, this time my “drug” is oxy-cotton something, which sounds more like blemish control than pain killer. I want to tell you about what a KICK-A job the comedians did at the Spilled Milk show last night, but the prescriptions are making me feel go-to-bed wonky. Here goes… Wendy W, Debby D, Betsy K, Nikki S, Joanie Q, Brian S and Susan R all did a smashing job! I’ve got pictures, but they suck. Thank you all for helping our family make it through this!


Speaking of making it through. Weird Cancer Guy isn’t going down easy. In pathology, they found two tumors – one was a surprise. So my case is going to be talked about at a cancer conference next week (Crimony, I have to wait a week?!) where my doctor will get other opinions to see whether or not radiation is in store for me. I’ve got a new attitude about that though. Chemo took one pass and killed the cancer with a bus. Surgery killed the cancer with a freight train. I’m willing to try radiation, the roach motel of treating cancer: “when they’re dead, they’re dead.”


1- The microwave died with a plume of smoke that smelled like burnt band-aids. I’ve had my suspicions that the microwave is already frying us with radiation.

2- The sun is out and everything looks brilliant.

3- Steven gave me a hard time about not having lunch meat. Finally, things are starting to turn to normal.


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