The doctor said it’s a little early to

Cool! I always wanted an iPad.

The doctor said it’s a little early to get off of pain killers. I tried to just take one pill at a time. The rest are antibiotics, muscle relaxers and other stuff. It’s still beyond me how anyone gets addicted to oxy-whatever it is. One pill makes me semi-spacey. Two pills make me feel like Elmer Fudd on downers. Tonight is the Spilled Milk comedy benefit, so I only took one in hopes of staying somewhat on it.


1- The comedy show is tonight, and I heard there are people coming who don’t even know me but saw the article. There really are good people in the world.

2- Really appreciated having a quiet day punctuated by beautiful flowers from Brian’s client. How nice is that?

3- Relieved that I chose mastectomy because the lab actually found two tumors. Whew!

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