What could be better than this?

Nothing makes Mother’s Day happy like stuffed brioche and Iron Man. We started with an amazing brunch at Mama Mia. Just looking at my family sitting there finally laughing, I realized, Oh my God, I am so thankful I’m here. Then, tears. “Seriously, Mom. If you cry, that would be WEIRD,” Livvie said. Too late. We SO needed a reset after being so taken back by more cancer treatment. That moment gave it to us. As a family, we might as well make the best of any time we have. So we talked about where to go from here. I love hearing the kids talk about what they want. Because most of the time, I want the same. That explains the three boxes of candy we devoured while watching Iron Man.


1- Livvie says I’m the best mom ever; I say: best daughter ever and nicest compliment ever.



2- Check out Brian making such a cool brunch choice – Mama Mia’s with chandeliers. That’s as close as I get to feeling like Liberace.

3- Brian said he wanted me to know how important I am to the family. Done.




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