Thanks, Angelina!

When you hear so much about celebrities getting “work done,” how refreshing is it to hear a celebrity is taking a preemptive strike against her high genetic chance of getting breast cancer? Really appreciate Angelina going public with her double mastectomy. Maybe more women will stay current on mammograms now and not be afraid to get a mastectomy if they are diagnosed with breast cancer or discover the genetic test is positive. I just got interviewed on KOIN about it. I think it will be on the news tonight. I’ll share the link with you when I get it. Stay tuned for three positives…


1- A woman called out to me: “Nice hair! I don’t have the guts to do that.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her my bald head wasn’t exactly a fashion statement. It did make me happy that I no longer look like a sad turtle near death.

2- My friend Gary from Atlanta took us out virtually with our pals LG and Shark last night. Devouring genuine Southern at Miss Delta was just like old times.

3- Met with the radiologist today, who neatly explained my entire cancer experience from the beginning. Wow. It seemed like she was going to issue a final answer whether I need radiation or not, but she didn’t. She refuses to make a recommendation without enough science behind it. So she’s putting the case in front of a national panel of experts next week. We didn’t react. We had ice cream.


2 Replies to “Thanks, Angelina!”

  1. And thanks to you as well Jacki for being so honest and being willing to share so openly what your experience has been like for you & your family. It’s a rugged journey that you never asked to take… really appreciate you sharing. Please know that you give courage to those along the way.

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