MamaCon, here I come!


Heading to Seattle tomorrow morning to perform “Honey, I Shrunk My Libido” Saturday night at MamaCon, a weekend dedicated to all mom stuff from seminar to spa. I haven’t been on stage for almost a year since cancer hit. I’m nervous. Making fun of sex is my favorite, so I’m planning on turning frustration at getting cancer and not getting any to comedy. If you’re a mom in Seattle or Bellevue, don’t miss this weekend! Check out who’s coming:

Nikki Knepper, author of Moms Who Drink & Swear on FB

Nikki Schulak, TIME OUT alum who caused a comedy explosion talking about thong envy

Joanie Quinn, TIME OUT alum and founder of LiveTired for a reason – wait til you hear her

Amy Lang, the authority on Birds + Bees

Way more stuff. Check it out here…


1- Met with Dr. Awesome today. All arrows point to the conclusion of the radiologist next week. I know radiation is ultimately my decision. I’m thinking no right now. Where’s that Magic 8 ball when you need it?

2- Feeling way better, although the emotional and mental fatigue of cancer is setting in separate from physical. It’s weird to experience things in sections, but I’ll take it.

3- Just when I thought the kids were drifting away back into their lives like they should, Livvie said she missed me today. Of course I missed her too. Geez yeah.

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