Thanks to Amy Lang for holding me to it

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Amy Lang is the founder of Birds + Bees + Kids and creator of MamaCon, a weekend conference for everything mom-related. She had me on her schedule to perform “Honey, I Shrunk My Libido” this weekend in Seattle. So when I told her I had cancer in November, I wasn’t sure I could make it. Amy was. I’m so thankful for that. I haven’t been on stage in a year; I’m three weeks out of surgery and still recovering from the biggest drain on my existence, and I made it! MamaCon was an absolute re-charging blast. Two whole rooms were dedicated to us-us-us. Make-up sessions, massage and manicures were all included. I studied my material…a lot. I wanted to make sure I still “had it,” despite not being on stage for so long. Plus, I wanted MamaCon to end with a comedy explosion. Amy gave me the most gracious introduction ever, talking about how devastated she was that I had cancer. I held the tears back, got on stage and rocked it. Performing again wasn’t about “having it” as much as “losing it.” Something was holding me back before – fear and insecurity maybe? A huge chunk fell away that I didn’t need. What emerged may very well be a belief in myself I didn’t have before. So suck it, Weird Cancer Guy. My positive beat up your negative.


1- I am absolutely FIRED UP for my next performance – “Laughter is the Best Medicine” at SW Medical Center in June.

2- Coming home to the kids and Brian was so sweet. I gave them all presents from the Hilton gift shop, since hotel soap doesn’t cut it anymore. Liv filled me in on her new jungle game; Steven told me all about seeing Star Trek. Brian told me how happy he was to have me back because chemo sucked the spirit out of me.

3- At MamaCon, I realized I’m part of a secret club – the survivors. One triple-negative cancer survivor-mom named Judy found me and gave me massive support. The barista at the hotel is a survivor with an angel tattoo to prove it. And, a gorgeous woman named Carrie from Cookie Lee jewelry is a survivor as well. I hope surviving can make me look that good! She hooked me up with beautiful jewelry I wore on stage. The bond with these women was unmistakeable and so appreciated.

6 Replies to “Thanks to Amy Lang for holding me to it”

  1. Yeah! Yay! Yahoo!!!!! and Yes!!! So glad to hear the energy pouring out from your posting. So happy for you, so energized as well. SUCK IT to all the drains on our lives, and what a great reminder that we are all not alone!!!

    1. LOVE hearing this Jacki! I’m so glad this was such a great event for you!!! You do rock it, always have. Glad you are now believing it!


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