Out standing in a field…literally

Out standing in a field...literally

It’s our annual berry picking time at Kruger’s Farm on Sauvie Island. See how happy I was being in a field picking berries with my family? Five minutes later, I’m lost and can’t find them. An hour and a half later of cruising through every raspberry aisle and strawberry patch, no family. I’m starting to cry like a lost kid. I don’t like this feeling of being alone without my family. I envision they are equally upset. They are not. I finally see them in the store. “We looked for you for about 30 minutes,” they said happily, then showed me their huge carton bulging with berries. I just added my scant pints to theirs and got shortcake.


1- I found my family.

2- We got lots of berries.

3- Going to go get nap.

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