The party’s over…sort of


Considering the last day of school is today, it’s been one ridiculous busy week. That’s why you haven’t seen any blogs. First, I delivered a 45-minute speech on “Laughter is the Best Medicine” for 150 cancer survivors at PeaceHealth at Southwest Medical Center. That requires an all-points focus for me. The people were so nice there. One man came over to me afterward and said: “I didn’t have my hearing aid turned on, but you looked funny.” Then, there was Steven’s final class project: a reenactment of the Exorcist using paper bag puppets. Definitely straight to DVD. Next up, Liv’s bridge project constructed from the contents of every paper recycling bin in the tri-state area.

Meanwhile, I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the kids. But today is radiation mapping. Wah waaah. I’m trying not to be in a bad mood about that. So I’m going to keep what I learned from Livvie this morning in mind. She decided to wear a huge purple and black “tail” to school. Sure enough, someone pulled it and sent a sobbing hot mess Livvie into my arms. But hey, now it’s a not-so-ancient proverb: If you’re gonna wear a tail, someone’s going to yank it. So don’t wear a freaking tail. I’m putting mine away right now.


1- Trina, Ed, Gabe, Barrett, Ret and Sally did it again. They sent us a secret message to meet them at a Hawaiian place down the street. Then, they gave us leis, straw hats, retro Hawaii posters and one airline buddy pass. Bit by bit, we’re getting there! If I could fly on friendship alone, we’d be on the Big Island now. Thanks, most awesomest friends!

2- Steven “graduated” from fifth grade and immediately started making fun of us for saying: “Middle school? No way. Fifth grade? No way. Baby? No way.” Then he rolled his eyes, “You’re not gonna cry, are you?”

3- Looking forward to having an actual radiation schedule in place, so I can start planning Camp Mommy. When Steven heard I might have some summer work, he erupted. So it’s clear to me I need to make up for lost quality time. Lucky for me, I can.

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