Boobs with eyelashes?

It’s not like my boobs need to see where they’re going. I take care of that. I was walking my dog when it felt like a fishing line was tossed out with a hook, and my boob took the bait. When I got home, the incision lines on both were angry red and had a line of red dots across them. Infection not good. Infection means a breast reconstruction do-over. So I called the doctor, raced over there and found out, Oh the sutures are trying to come out. Wha? My body wants them out, like right now. They’re not dissolving fast enough. “Don’t be alarmed if they stick through the skin,” the nurse said. “Like eyelashes?” I said. “Yep.” So at some point this weekend, my boob might have more eyelashes than I do. I am SO drawing a face on it and taking a picture, not that I’d show you guys. I love return blog customers.


1- One of Brian’s good friends from MCAD, a company that works with SolidWorks software, sent me the most inventive bouquet of local flowers. Thank you for kicking off my weekend with a burst of creativity.

2- Brian’s coming home from Seattle on the train. Always happy to have him home and both parents around.

3- Brian read my speech and gave me a surge of confidence, saying he loved every word. And he’s the guy whose brutally honest about my work. Looking forward to giving the speech to 150 cancer survivors next week.

Have a swell weekend!


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