Feeling wealthy

Fresh from radiation, I ran into S, a radiation coordinator. Like I’m going to tell you her real name without asking her, yo. Anyway, she’s super nice and wears super-rad prints. We started talking about getting through the cancer process when she said, “With all the support you have, you’re very wealthy.” Flashback to five million years ago. I’m in kindergarten at a Catholic school. My teacher, Miss Gardener, is five million feet tall. She tells us, “When you have children, you’re rich.” That didn’t make sense to me at all because you have to feed them, you know. But what she said stuck with me. I haven’t always been surrounded with support like this. Just like cancer treatment, it’s been cumulative. My family are my heroes. My distant family has rallied for me. My closest friends have come even closer. Strangers have stepped in. I am wealthy. Because like S and Miss Gardener said, feeling rich is about love. When you think about it that way, I’m forever grateful to be lucky in love.


1- Random art randomly attached to the telephone pole in front of our house. I love this town.Image

2- Took Livvie and her friend to see Despicable Me 2 tonight. The sequel was funnier than the original.

3- A talking tennis ball: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOriazVRQeA&feature=youtu.be

2 Replies to “Feeling wealthy”

  1. Love this post, my friend. What a great reminder about a full life. It’s not the things but the people and relationships we have.

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