Remember when


Glancing down at my iPhone told me what day it was. September 11 is like a bookmark that reminds you of every detail of that day with stunning clarity. Waking up to an NPR reporter yelling: “Explosions heard inside the Pentagon.” Watching footage of a plane hitting and falling backwards realizing it was a passenger plane. Waddling around work in downtown Portland the size of a football mascot pregnant and wondering what world I was bringing a baby into? Watching two fighter jets slice through an eerily quiet, empty sky. Remembering the way my prego belly pressed against the glass as we watched a man lower the flag on the building next door. Today, I’ve got the love of my life, two kids and my life back. If my life flashed in front of me, images of dishes being washed, a keyboard and a dog wearing a mullet would play. How lucky am I? Today marks straight appreciation for me – that I get to worry about things like writing assignments and dishes. And compassion for anyone who lost someone or experienced 9/11.


1- My dog is wearing a mullet. I’m going to wear it Sunday for Race for the Cure as part of our AC/DT rockin’ look.

2- Air conditioning. The house is delightful inside. It’s 93 degrees outside.

3- Met with my super-rad friend Jillian yesterday who helped me think through my next book while wearing a Wonder Woman t-shirt. It will be an unofficial “guide” to surviving cancer treatment.

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  1. I, too, was waddling around preggo in my office — wondering what kind of world would my soon-to-be-born baby: the best surrounded with love from family and friends! xoxoxo to you Jacki

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