Bald is the New Bling

Thought you guys would enjoy some jokes from my “Laughter is the Best Medicine” speech I did at SW Medical Center. My friend David sent me a link to a new book called Bald Mermaid. The author says a whole different group of men hit on her when she was bald. How come I didn’t get hit on? There was this hot tech in the PET scan department who looked like Don Draper. They put radioactive dye in your system. So while I’m lying there trying to be all cool talking to Don Draper, he says: “Now you’re going to feel like you peed your pants…from the dye.” Game over. That’s EXACTLY what it felt like for more reasons than one. Except I didn’t. Happy for the heads-up though. The last thing I need is to pee on Don Draper.


1- Finally dialing for dollars to find work. It would have been so much easier to go from cancer back to full-time employment. It always takes time to ramp up freelance work. I’m just not very patient. I want to make money NOW, Daddy!

2- People are complimenting my hair, which is so nice. It’s becoming its own ecosystem.

3- I made lazy dog run up a hill with me this morning. Now she’s slumped over with her head hanging off a laundry basket.

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