Things are moving fast


You know how you’re going along, then suddenly hit warp speed. That’s what today felt like. I think it’s because we finally got to watch Breaking Bad last night. Best ride ever. I don’t think I breathed once. Today went just as fast with appointments jumping around the week, Steven’s soccer schedule, school stuff, blah blah. Still no breathing. Meanwhile, check out Lazy Dog. Her breathing is pure snoring. Get a job, Lazy Dog!



1- There are such good people in the world. Brian’s dad’s friend Astra, who doesn’t know me, made me this beautiful angel. I’m going to keep it in the kitchen window to watch over me. Really hoping it keeps me out of M&M’s. Thank you, Astra!

2- Speaking of getting jobs, I got some new work – a rad contract job. Thank you, Mathys + Potestio! Really excited about it.

3- One cool thing about finishing treatment is you can make plans again. My plan is to honor the people who helped me get through cancer. It might take me a while, but I’m excited to write about the people who helped us.

4 Replies to “Things are moving fast”

  1. Hey Jacki – Congrats on the job. Wanted to let you know, I forwarded your speaking/comedy information to the Oncology Nursing Society. They are the national organization for oncology nurses. They put on a number of conferences for nurses throughout the year. The biggest one is in the spring – thousands of nurses attend. They always have a key note speaker – often a survivor. Never know…Annette

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