Thanks to the medical staff, modern medicine and the swell of friends who lifted us up and over cancer that lurked under the water, I got to have another bday.


1- I am seriously happy to have another birthday. Not sure why bday cards are so whiny. No one gave me one of those.

2- I get to say: Clean your room! A lot.

3- I get to keep going.






About clevercopy

Stand-up comedian, professional copywriter and public speaker

4 responses »

  1. Haley says:

    Happy Birthday Jackie!

  2. Molly Luba says:

    Happy birthday darlin’!

  3. Jennifer Barba says:

    Happy Birthday Jacki! I’m happy that you have so much to celebrate too. Your birthday is the same as my Mom’s- good karma. Hope it’s your best year yet!

  4. J Semon says:

    Happy birthday, Jacki, Love, Jeanine and Ed

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