Ack! Busy

Not that I’m complaining, but it’s been busy. So I’m not totally the blog slacker you thought I was, eh? I’ve got genuine freelance work from a fantastic new client and have to present an hour-long humor workshop this weekend. Jenkies! Meanwhile, check out this week’s installment of Lazy Dog.


1- Saw Sari today. We were both a little deer + headlights having life go back to full speed after cancer’s hall pass to slow down.

2- Steven reenacted an entire episode of Airplane Repo at dinner, except with a bike.

3- The fact that I’m getting work instead of cancer is so awesome!


4 Replies to “Ack! Busy”

  1. Think about sending some of your great Zena photos to:‎

    Also, I’ll be in Las Vegas tomorrow so if the house is a mess – it’s all Chris 🙂

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