This Jackie starts stuff

Jackie uses “Price Is Right” hands to reveal the teeth on a backhoe. She knows exactly who produces those teeth.

It’s Tribute Thursday ya’ll! That means I share a portrait of the people who make the world a better place, especially our world. So here goes…

Just after an art director called my portfolio “unfortunate,” I met Jackie Mathys. She was supplying creative talent to the Portland advertising world, which I wasn’t exactly setting on fire. I had just moved to Portland from Atlanta, and she didn’t even have to talk to me. But she did. Not only that, but she brought me with her to a martini happy hour at Paris France, the then hottest shop for web. Jackie introduced me to Doug Lowell, the creative director/owner. I loved him immediately and remember making some sort of crack about where’s your sign that says: “If we see a drug deal going down, we’re calling.” Similar signs were in windows all around Old Towne. Lucky for me, Doug thought that was hilarious. Thanks to Jackie, connecting with Doug led to actual work and lots of it. Just like that, Jackie got me from “unfortunate” to “fortunately” working.

Fast-forward 14 years. Jackie and I are still friends. Hearing us talk is like walking in on a smart-ass daily double. Last November when I found out I had cancer, I can’t remember how I told Jackie; but I’m pretty sure it was void of cracks. She jumped on my team immediately, just like when we first met. We had taken the kids up to Timberline for our annual tradition with two other families when Jackie called me. Brian and I were frozen in shock sitting in front of the fireplace. I had a spiral notebook in my lap, where I was writing a list of what we could sell to get the money to beat this. Jackie said: “Look, I don’t want you worrying how you’re going to pay for this, Jack…You should be worrying how to fight it. There’s this website….” From there, Jackie set up, managed and promoted a website that raised over $5600. That money covered mounting co-pays, acupuncture treatments that got me through chemo and much more, like groceries. Jackie didn’t stop there. She joined my friend Trina Frank, who was pulling together a monumental auction. There are nice smart asses in the world.

I love you, Jackie Mathys. Thanks for believing in me, making me laugh and starting the swell that lifted us up and over cancer.



1- The sun is out. Still.

2- Quote of the week from Steven: “Why should I go door-to-door wearing a sweaty costume when I can just go to the store and buy candy.”

3- So happy to be using my arms again. It turns out they’re pretty useful.



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